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House Plant That Looks Like A Tree

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House Plant That Looks Like A Tree

Learn what trees can grow inside every area of your home or office.. Balfour Aralias are tall #houseplants with leaves that look like round dinner plates. http .
13 Great Indoor Trees. Norfolk Island Pine. You've probably seen Norfolk Island Pines (Araucaria heterophylla) decorated with small ornaments or red bows for Christmas, but they also make great year-round houseplants. Yucca. Parlor Palm. Corn Plant. Madagascar Dragon Tree. Ficus. Ponytail Palm. Dracaena anita.
Oxalis: Oxalis triangularis, or false shamrock, is a houseplant native to Brazil, known for. Dragon Tree: When it comes to treelike houseplants, it's hard to find .
The plant's broad, dark-green leaves highlighted with a lime-green band down the center look a lot like sweet corn. It's a super easy houseplant that thrives in a .
Note: This plant is poisonous if eaten or chewed on by dogs or cats.. and use Chinese evergreen as a ground cover around an upright, treelike houseplant.. Why We Love It: This is one of the classiest-looking indoor trees thanks to its big .

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