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Hot Tub Concrete Pad Slope

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Hot Tub Concrete Pad Slope

My coworker has a 12 foot slab off the patio door of his basement, on which he wants to put a hot tub. The problem is – the slab has a slope .
A professionally poured concrete slab is the preferred foundation for a hot tub. If a backyard has a slight slope or grade, the slab should be poured with no .
Put in the footer and necessary gravel/concrete to bring the slope up to ground level, grade & level the space for your hot tub pad, then check .
This is how to build a spa pad on a steep incline. It shows how to cut the upper part of the box into the ground.
Hot tub pad. Bruno Chine. How to Install Concrete Flag/Block Paving Flexibly Commercial Paving.
The EZ Pad lets you enjoy your spa or hot tub without pouring a concrete slab or base. The EZ Pad can be put.
Backyard consultation from Tampa Bay Hot Tubs Brandon FL. The spa pad can be made of pressure treated lumber, synthetic lumber, concrete, bricks or. If you are going to pour cement pad put a slight slope in it so that water won't pool .
I ordered my hot tub after months of research spent deciding on the one that. patio and install a new concrete pad with no slope to accomodate the hot tub.

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