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Hot Springs Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

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Hot Springs Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

Spray cartridges: Spray each cartridge with a garden hose, rotating while spraying to thoroughly remove any debris between filter pleats. Use filter cleaner: Use either FreshWater® Instant Filter Cleaner or FreshWater® Filter Cleaner to keep your filters clean and in good operating condition.
Regular hot tub maintenance includes cleaning spa filters on a regular schedule.. springs cover lifter to get the most lasting benefit from your Hot Spring spa .
Make sure your spa stays clean with filters, spa vacuums, and other products, specifically created for your Hot Spring model. Browse our selection of premium .
Cleaning your hot tub filter at home shouldn't be a daunting task. Here are 5 great methods to clean a hot tub filter for when you want to DIY!
Regular cleaning of your filter(s) will prolong the life of the filter(s), and hot tub . At Coastal Spa and Patio we recommend one of three methods. Watch this video .

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