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Compost Tea For Lawns

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Compost Tea For Lawns

Tips. Use compost tea for newly planted lawns to help the grass acclimate and encourage strong root growth. Use compost tea to encourage a healthy lawn but don't forgo fertilizers. The University of Illinois recommends treating compost tea as an enhancement and enrichment; it is not a fertilizer. ( See Reference 1)
A lawn treated with the tea grows slower, needs less mowing, and uses less water because of its deep roots. My compost recipe is 2 parts carbon-rich "browns," such as dead leaves, to 1 part nitrogen-rich "greens," like rotted grass clippings.
Compost Tea is NOT merely manure and water! (this can actually harm a lawn!)Properly brewed tea first starts with an well prepared compost. A wide variety of .
Learn how to make compost tea as a natural weed and feed for lawns. Excess lawn weeds means low soil nutriment. Compost tea means healthy lawns with .
Compost Tea: Miracle or Myth? Is there scientific proof? CT generates a lot of controversy in the world of organic lawn care. Touted as a cure-all for poor soils .

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