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Types Of Fir Trees For Landscaping

Types Of Fir Trees For Landscaping

13 Captivating Conifers. 'Thunderhead' Black Pine. 'Fat Albert' Colorado Blue Spruce. Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. 'Zebrina' Himalayan Pine. 'Bush's Lace' Engelmann Spruce. 'Blue Chip' Juniper. 'Horstmann' Spanish Fir. 'Blue Pyramid' Cypress.
Evergreens for difficult sites. Clay soil — arborvitae, Austrian pine, ponderosa pine, white fir. Sandy soil — Scotch pine, mugo pine, junipers. Wet soil — American arborvitae, balsam fir, black spruce. High pH — arborvitae, black hills spruce, mugo pine, ponderosa pine, junipers.
Conifers lend a sense of year-round beauty and structure to your landscape. Here are some. A large number of varieties is available, including columnar forms.
Choose your evergreen tree wisely and with some forethought. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and foliage types. Take into account the actual lot .
Conifers, also known as narrow-leaved or needled evergreens, are planted primarily. horizontal spreaders; upright, pyramidal forms; and even weeping and .

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