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Technichlor Hot Tub Chlorine Generator

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Technichlor Hot Tub Chlorine Generator

My days of feeling like a mad scientist while trying to maintain the correct chemical levels of our spa are over. The TechniChlor 220 Saltwater Chlorine Generator .
ControlOMatic Hot Tub and Spa Salt Water Chlorine Generators. ControlOMatic develops and manufactures saltwater chlorinators for the pool and spa industry .
The TechniChlor 110/220v saltwater chlorine generator. 10 levels of chlorine production, salt level indicator, adjusts for changes in temperature.
The TechniChlor has been specifically designed as a spa chlorine generator and takes into account the higher water temperature and smaller water volume.
Salt Water Hot Tub Coversion. Order by. ControlOMatic Power Supply TechniChlor and ChlorMaker Models. Small Pool and Swim Spa Chlorine Generators
Technichlor 110 Hot Tub and Spa Saltwater System Chorine Generator. ChlorMaker DO Hot Tub and Spa Drape Over Saltwater System Chlorine Generator .
The TechniChlor has officially been discontinued after more than 10 years of helping make. ControlOMatic Spa Chlorine Generators added 5 new photos.
TechniChlor Hot Tub and Spa Chlorine Generator. Save time and money with TechniChlor, while it takes care of your sanitation needs! TechniChlor is designed .

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