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Lava Rock For Hydroponics

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Lava Rock For Hydroponics

Many or the earlier hydroponic systems that were commercially available to the. With a good selection of first rate growing mediums available lava rock is used .
How to Use Lava Rocks in Hydroponics. Posted on January 13, 2016. If you're looking at different sterile media choices for a hydro garden, you might be .
I've found pea gravel, lava rock and river rock to work well with many of my hydroponic systems as grow medium. Another thing to keep in mind is heat. The sun .
Any reference to hydroponic systems or anything other growing media other than Lava rock will be dealt with harshly. That's simply to make sure the thread does .
The Stealth-RO100 reverse osmosis system has been tested by modular hydro to allow the best possible water for your hydroponic system.
Hello all: Has anyone used red lava rocks in their growbeds?. Given its widespread use as hydroponic media, that would be a significant .
Are you considering lava rock for your hydroponic growing medium? Check out this page for the pro's and con's, and where to find it.

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