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Hot Tub Resale Value

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Hot Tub Resale Value

You already know the value of a soothing hot tub soak is to relax you, to rejuvenate your body, and to connect you with family and friends. This experiential .
Once you add in the cost of the tub itself — which for Cater ranges from free to $500 — and the cost of new covers and filters (standard with his used tubs), and he estimates he spends roughly $1,100 to $1,200 on each used hot tub. But on the floor, they sell for $2,500 to $4,500.
Selling a used hot tub is not much different than selling a used car, in many ways.. Trade it into a Spa Dealer: Like the trade-in value of a car, you'll get much .
Your old hot tub could have trade-in value toward the purchase of a new Hot Spring® spa. With more powerful jets, state of the art water care and energy efficient .
This is a nice and easy form that also lets you add photos of your pre owned hot tub, this is so we can offer you the best possible price. After you have completed .
Learn what your current hot tub is worth towards the purchase of a new Sundance® Spa. After filling out the form, your local authorized dealer will contact you to .

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