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Hot Tub Cover Locking Straps

Hot Tub Cover Locking Straps

The locking buckles prevent unauthorized spa use, and the straps keep your cover safely in place during windy conditions. Set of two, these straps will adjust to fit almost any spa model.
Spa Lock Hurricane,Spa/Hot Tub Cover Security,Wind locking Straps Gray Triple; Set of 2 Straps; Includes adjustable buckles, stainless screws, locking latches, .
Place the stainless steel locking plate over the hasp and secure it with the supplied carabiner or lock of your choice. Pull the loose end of the strap tight to the opposite side of the hot tub. Place the final stainless steel plate directly on top of a taught strap, 12″-36″ down the side of the spa.
Hot Tub Cover Locks and Straps are an important item to protect your hot tub cover and loved one. Find our great selection of hot tub cover hardware. Showing  .
Hot Tub Cover Locks and Straps are an important item to protect your hot tub cover and loved. Replacement Hot Tub Cover & Spa Cover Strap Safety Clips.
For more advanced spa cover locking hardware, there are two other ways to secure the cover – with external straps or steel bars. This not only keeps out .
Hurricane Spa Cover Straps – Set of 2. Our adjustable Hurricane Tie-Down Straps can save your spa cover from costly wind damage while adding extra security. Our straps are super-strong for protection above and beyond the standard straps that come with hot tub covers. Locking feature provides peace-of-mind.
Wide variety of hot tub accessories from Hot Tub Covers Canada including spa pillows,. The Cover Lock is designed to fit all cover bar lifters, and withstand the. Hot Tub Covers Canada can also make custom hurricane straps for hot tubs or  .

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