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Eastern Red Cedar Bonsai 2

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Eastern Red Cedar Bonsai 2

The eastern red cedar is not a true cedar (genus Cedrus), it is actually a variety. Water when the soil is moderately dry (to a depth of 1/2 to 1 inch) but do not let .
Red cedar is an amazing plant; it is easy to grow and shape the way you like it. The eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) grows in Hardiness Zones 2–9.
A bonsai of a eastern red cedar on display.. Photo : WG1jSP80kc0. Learn all about the two main upright styles in bonsai growing.
Juniperus virginiana, commonly called Eastern red cedar, is native to Missouri where it typically occurs on.
Its common names include red cedar, eastern redcedar, eastern redcedar,. leaves 5–10 cm long, and tightly adpressed scale-like adult leaves 2–4 mm long; .
Foemina Juniper. Crabapple, Dolgo, Cork Bark Elm. Quince Shohin. Shore Pine. Subalpine Fir. Quince Detail. Eastern Red Cedar. Saxifrace Accent.
Turnbull Creek Bonsai added 2 new photos. October 13 ·. Juniper by John Cole and my Eastern red cedar at the expo. No automatic alt text available.

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