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Easiest Way To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Easiest Way To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

To sharpen your lawn mower blade, you'll need a socket or wrench to fit the blade nut. Tough nuts may call for a breaker bar and/or a penetrating lubricant. You'll also need two clamps, a block of wood and, of course, an angle grinder with a metal grinding blade. Start by disconnecting the spark plug wire (Photo 1).
We'll show you how to sharpen lawn mower blades.. One of the best ways to encourage a greener, fuller and healthier lawn is lawn mower blade sharpening.
Usually, it's easiest to wedge a sturdy block of wood between the blade and deck of the. . Another way to sharpen a lawnmower blade is to use a belt sander.
3 Methods to Sharpen the Blade. When you're sharpening your lawn mower blade, the goal is to make the blade as sharp as a butter knife. A flat file is an easy tool that'll sharpen a dull blade (with the blade secured in a vice.) The fastest way to sharpen a lawnmower blade is with a bench grinder.
How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades? Take the blade out of the mower. Remove all the rust with a steel brush. Choose a solid working area. Use a grinder for a damaged blade. Run the blade perpendicular to the grinding wheel. Hold it at a necessary angle. Balance the blade. Check the results!
Lawnmower blades usually come from the factory without sharpened edges, so you must sharpen the blades so they will cut, rather than tear grass blades.
This Old House has the advice you need for sharpening lawn mower blades.. But if you have your own grinder, it's easy to do the lawn mower blade sharpening yourself.. . Roger Cook shows homeowners the proper way to mow a lawn.

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