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Does Above Ground Pool Need A Fence

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Does Above Ground Pool Need A Fence

As at 2015 any pool must be fenced separate to the dwelling and may use boundary fencing. Q. Does my above ground pool and/or spa pool require a barrier?
An above ground pool can be an excellent choice if you are planning to have a pool in your home. They do have some benefits to offer to the homeowner.
No matter you decide to build in ground or above ground pool the fencing need for both types of pool is same. In most cases, you must have a fence of at least .
I'm guessing I still need a fence even though it will serve no real purpose?. pool sides of wall as the pool fence here in qld but have to fence the stairs,But i did for my. What if I have an above ground swimming pool or spa?
are two to four feet in depth need to have a fence with a locking gate. Above ground pools over four feet do not require a fence however they must.
Teach your children about pool safety, enforce pool rules and closely. keep in mind that risks apply to in-ground swimming pools, aboveground swimming pools,. Don't have pet doors in any fences, doors or gates surrounding your pool, .

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