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Common Evergreen Shrubs For Landscaping

Common Evergreen Shrubs For Landscaping

Our photos include the most popular evergreens used in landscapes today, such as Arborvitae, Boxwoods, Hollies, Junipers, Firs, Pines and Spruce. BUXUS microphylla koreana "Winter Gem' BUXUS x 'Green Mountain' BUXUS sempervirens 'Variegata' CHAMAECYPARIS pisifera. CHAMAECYPARIS obtusa 'Compacta'
Identifying Common Evergreen Shrubs. Evergreen shrubs can be used as a focal point, screen or anchor in a landscape or mixed border. Selecting the right one .
Evergreen shrubs provide permanent structure in the garden and. yellow cultivars are the most popular and give rise to the common name 'Spotted Laurel'.
Several types of evergreen shrubs are used for landscaping, as they produce spectacular shades of vibrant green colors, all year round. If you are planning to .
Discover easy-to-grow, beautiful shrubs for your landscape.. Most common evergreens have a dwarf variety. For example, Globe Blue Spruce is popular, .
Evergreen shrubs form the backbone to a garden and, whether large or small, there is usually one to suit the space. They provide structure, all year interest, and  .

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