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Best Starting A Balcony Garden

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Best Starting A Balcony Garden

If your balcony faces north or is shaded by other buildings for most of the day, look to low-light plants such as coleus, ferns, impatiens, hostas, and begonias. Some greens like chard, spinach, or lettuce can grow with less than a half day of sun.
Your little garden must be easy to maintain in the beginning. So Keep it simple: if you don't have time to maintain, grow low care plants. Read our guide on best .
Starting a Balcony Garden: Before we begin let me state the obvious: the. I'm just going to show you how I do it, it may not be the "best way ever", it just seems .
Need help in starting a balcony garden? We will show you how. Starting a balcony garden is not at all hard if you just know the right techniques.
I started my balcony garden about 8 years ago while living in Chicago in my 13th. garden shop or nursery will have a good idea of whats going to grow best in .

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