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Best Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs

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Best Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs

Regalo versatile easy step walkthrough child safety gate covers openings and doorways from 29 to 40 inches with one include extension. You’ll love the no hassle no tool installation with a pressure mount system that makes setup and takedown a breeze. even when you’re dealing with baseboards and uneven surfaces additional hardware is included as well if you want a more permanent installation.

No more climbing over gates that won’t open, the easy step offers a convenient easy to operate handle and safety lock and it’s built tough with sturdy all-steel construction to last for years and years for your peace of mind the easy steps safety gate is JPMA certified and meets all current safety standards because we know you wouldn’t have it any other way Regalo the top choice for your family’s safety and convenience.

The multi-use walkthrough gate is extremely versatile and can be used between rooms or top of stairs it has a hinged swinging door that opens easily in either direction and swings closed automatically. The dual locking system makes this gate safe and secure, to begin to measure the opening where the gate will be installed his extensions are needed please refer to the instruction booklet to see the number of extensions required for the opening.

Insert the extension pin into the gate frame and the extension frame repeat for each extension that is needed. Next twist attention nutso it contacts the pad. Slide the tension bolts into the four corners of the frame as far as they can go place the gate into the opening so the bottom is flush with the floor align the gate in the opening so there is the equal distance on both sides of the gate.

If you are mounting the gates at the top of the stairs wall cups must be installed to install wall cups place the mounting cups onto pads and remove the adhesive protective sheet next slide the tension bolt out until the mounting pads touch the wall. Remove the gate and drill the mounting cups into the wall with the provided screws, if you are mounting on drywall use the provided wall anchors.

What Next?

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Reposition the gate into the opening placing the pads into the mounting cups. The door stopper should face toward the stairs preventing the gate from swinging over the stairs to follow these remaining steps to complete pressure and hardware mount gate installation. Slide all four tension bolts out until the pads contact the wall next screw the tension nut away from the pad until it just touches the gate frame do the same for the other tension nuts.

Now tighten both bottom tension nuts inward at the same time and then tighten both top tension nuts inward at the same time as you tighten the upper latch we’ll move below the release button. Stop tightening when the gap between the upper latch and the release button is about the thickness of the wrench provided if needed, use the wrench for final tightening to open the gate push the release button away from the handle.

And lift up on the gate swing the door open simply let the gate go and it will automatically close and lock behind you. Since 1953 North States has been creating and producing innovative superior quality products including the supergate designed to the highest standards of safety durability and ease of use. The North States deluxe decor gate is the perfect choice when you need a gate that can fit large openings from 37 inches up to 6 feet wide.

The versatility of this gate allows you to mount it with the provided hardware almost anywhere even on angled walls the deluxe decor gate is beautifully crafted with heavy-duty metal construction. It serves as a barrier while providing a clear passage through the extra-wide arched gate more than two feet wide the gate is designed to close and latch automatically but it also has a feature to remain open for easy passage simply open the gate fully to enable the state open system you can close it again with a gentle touch the childproof safety latch is designed to be secure yet provide easy one-hand operation.

The entire barrier can swing open on either side with a childproof latch on each end when not needed it can easily be removed from the hinges and stored or it can swing out of the way not only does the deluxe decor gate have all the functions and safety features. You’d expect in a super gate the decorative matte bronze finish will enhance the beauty of your home.

The deluxe decor gate from north state’s America’s leading line of child safety gates and play yards designed to the highest standards of safety durability and ease of use you the easy clothes features an easy to close locking mechanism that requires minimal effort to close the gate simply release the handle with a firm push and the gate will lock shut by engaging one of the bottom locks on the gate it provides parents with greater control by allowing them to set whether the gate opens and closes in both directions or just one way at the top of the stairs


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