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Bear Proof Compost Bin

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Bear Proof Compost Bin

BearProof Compost Bin. Linked by Michael Levenston. bearbin.jpg. Photo by Michael Levenston. Bears are a part of city life in many municipalities in and .
But you can't compost, because the plastic bins you put out are magnets for everything on four legs, from rats, to racoons and from skunks to bears. You'd like to .
Whether you have a vegetable garden, rose garden or weed garden, here is the best round up of gardening tips and ideas that you've probably never tried!
Go Big on Brown. Maintain a healthy compost bin to prevent odours that can attract bears. The key to a healthy compost bin is equal proportions of brown .
Nothing is "bear proof". Having a tumbler composter in your. Do you currently have a compost bin that is causing trouble? I have one like this: .

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